Training & masterclass ADHD

Is your company ready to be more inclusive for employees and coworkers with ADHD, bur-out or overstimulation? Schedule a training of masterclass about ADHD.

I have been researching, writing, presenting and interviewing about this topic since 2010. I have talked to hundreds of people with ADHD and I bring my own experiences of living with ADHD and burn-out.

Subjects on which I give my masterclasses and trainings:

  • ADHD & work – how to deal with this as manager and HR?
  • ADHD & work – how to deal with this as an ADHD ‘er?
  • Stress and burn-out in the workplace
  • Other topics by request

I can do these trainings, presentations and masterclasses both in English and Dutch.

Marketing strategy, feedback & ideas

Are you ready to take your marketing team or your business to the next level? Let me help you with marketing strategy, ideas and feedback. Together we will look at your company DNA, your business goals, your marketing goals and your target groups. We will create a step by step plan to reach your goals.

  • Strategy call
  • Online training
  • Live Marketing Day
  • Tailored workshop for entrepreneurs or marketeers