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Danitsja LL






Freelance web editor and content managerDanitsja

Jan-Melle Liscaljet
Cultural entrepreneur. Helps organizations with cultural entrepreneurship, festival production and social media marketing

In the past years I have been working with Danitsja on several occasions, both in several different jobs. Even though out jobs and tasks were different for every project, she will always delivery high quality work within the set deadlines. She will make an effort to look beyond the requested tasks and see if she can deliver more than agreed on for that project. She is eager to help and think about the bigger picture, but she is also open to points of improvement. She is a very social person that can easily adjust to different situations.

18 September 2013
Jeroen Dobber
Online Marketing

I have hired Danitsja several times. For search engine optimization writers are needed that know how to work with the most used key words in search engines and come up with key words that are relevant for the subject of the text or website. Danitsja writes texts that do very well in search engines which increased the traffic to my websites.

17 April 2012

Freelance producer – Danitsja

Roel van de Weijer
Delegate Producer at Column Film B.V.

We hired Danitsja to work on the set as production assistant for the short film “Morgen is alles beter”. She helped out during pre production, setting up casting, finding locations and other essentials She did the job with great enthusiasm but also on a constant high quality level. We are very happy with her service and would look forward to the opportunity to hire her again.

29 September 2011
Frank Osinga

Adviser automation, Administrative employee,  Freelance Cameraman, Video Editor and Entrepreneur

I have been a close friend and business associate of Danitsja Koster for more than four years now. We’ve worked together, planned activities and worked on volunteer and low-budget projects.

Danitsja is very generous, reliable and a positive individual. She’s also the “go-to” girl in when your in pre-production; She helped me out both professionally and personal situations. She’s fast, to the point and can easily overseen projects. That’s a quality I’ve always admired.

Besides that you can always laugh with her!
For all these reasons, I would highly recommend working with Danitsja!

Frank Osinga

23 September 2011

Content Operator Short Form for MTV, TMF, Comedy Central, VH1, Viva, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, Kindernet – MTV Networks

Lorena Pérez
Manager Content Operations Shortform and Entertainment at Viacom International Media Networks

Danitsja was able to build friendly relationships with internal and external customers. She was also able to negotiate with internal departments to accomplish common objectives. Her long time experience was also proven when proactively taking the lead to manage projects related to the team. A quick problem solver that acts with integrity. Danitsja was an excellent Content Operator during her role at Content Operations Short Form.

5 januari 2014

Ronald van Berkel
Young Wolf Productions

Danitsja is a reliable and very friendly colleague to work with. She’s always happy to help and elaborate. She’s well aware of potential issues and has a proactive mindset towards them and I have yet to see Danitsja being stressed out. It’s been a true pleasure to work with Danitsja.

7 Augustus 2013

Mirte Hamelink
Content Operator at Viacom

We’ve been working together for the past 1.5 year as content operators at Viacom International Media Networks. Danitsja is very passionate and has great vision for her work. She is punctual, honest and delivers on exactly what is promised. It’s a pleasure to work with her.

7 Augustus 2013

Content editor, web editor & producerNostalgieNet

Heleen Scheurwater
Project coordinator and Producer at Tijdsbeeld Media and NostalgieNet

Danitsja is a very professional producer and traffic manager. Always keen to get the very best results and makes sure she will not miss a deadline. Besides that she is also a fantastic colleague.

30 Juli 2013

Louise van Hoek
Educational Assistant at Peak School

During my time as editor at Nostalgienet and Tijdsbeeld Media, Danitsja was a very no nonsense hardworking colleague. She has the ability to stay calm in stressful situations and efficiently works to proper solutions. Furthermore, she is a very pleasant colleague to work with and an excellent team player.

16 April 2011

Roland van Veen
Senior editor social/UGC + at Sanoma Digital

Danitsja is intelligent, accurate and friendly! She can handle a lot of tasks at once and knows how to set up smart workflows.

15 April 2011
Sietse Broekema
Experienced Online Marketeer

Danitsja is a very intelligent, vigorous and nice colleague. She moves through the mine field (which the media landscape can be) in a sublime way and is always looking for the best solutions for everybody involved, both for internal and external parties. When there’s a new task or project or when a colleague has too much on his/her plate she will be the first to offer her help. This makes projects run very smoothly. Next to this she is a genuine social media fanatic which enabled me to express my opinions on social media matters to her. She is a professional who knows perfectly how to combine being a social and hard working colleague and she will always be willing to pick up the hard work.

27 December 2010