Content, media production, social media and more

Danitsja Koster is an allround text editor and producer, experienced in working for different platforms and clients. She is an enthusiastic, energetic and social young lady with a passion for telling stories. In her opinion you can tell your story on many different platforms and the actual story can be as big or small as the assignment, audience and client expect it to be. She is experienced in writing and editing content for different media, she is also experienced in online communication and social media.

Next to her experience as a content editor she has worked on producing events, short films, video clips, commercials and television shows. The combination of managing and coordinating things that need to be arranged and the more creative and research minded character of editing and communication assignments is what exactly what makes it feel like a nice challenge. More information can be found here, an overview of publications can be found here, an overview of past clients can be found here and an overview of recommendations can ben found here. You can follow the latest news on Danitsja on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Of course you can contact Danitsja Koster via this website. Her resume can be found here.

Let me help you with:

  • Articles
  • Interviews
  • Blogs
  • Marketing texts
  • Online campaign management
  • Online communication
  • Social media
  • Community management
  • Websites (structure, advice, build using WordPress)
  • Media production
  • Workshops on content creation, social media and professional writing